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Why Test?

Environmental Testing Solutions wants to partner with you for all your Environmental Testing needs related to Indoor Air Quality and Asbestos Bulk Sampling (Building Materials).

Ensure that you are covered and relieved of any liability from any potential Lawsuit a client or employee may make against your company! Whether it be a Mold project or water loss and getting an Indoor Air Quality ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’  Test for clearance or getting all building materials sampled and tested before removing, to ensure it does not contain Asbestos. 

US Department of Labor’s, OSHA have fined numerous contractors for negligence and for exposing their employees to Asbestos! 

Asbestos penalties

State laws also will impose fines ranging from $2,500 to $25,000 Daily, depending on the severity & seriousness of the violation. Jail or Prison sentences can be given to violators, all the way up to the owner of a company, even if they were not 100% involved or knowing. In some cases, the client was also penalized along with the contractor. 

A prime example is the Asbestos Exposure story that occurred during a January 2014 remodeling project at an apartment complex named ‘Overlook at Mile High’. All involved received either heavy fines & penalties, probation, jail / prison or all the above. This ranged from the contractor workers, contractor owner(s) and property management and property owners. They also had to pay into a health fund for future medical needs of those that were exposed. 

Asbestos Material Testing (Bulk Sampling):

As deemed by the Colorado State law, testing must be performed for all Water Loss or Mold Remediation projects, before any of the materials can be removed. This is imperative to ensure the health and safety of your employees (OSHA) and for any occupant or tenant of a property (CDPHE: Regulation 8). We can perform the on-site building inspection and collect the necessary material samples of the effected areas and different materials. We can get the testing results back from the lab the same day and in a matter of hours, in most cases. This allows you to identify any hazards or additional abatement requirements necessary and to minimize ‘Lost Time’ to start your next actions for any Water Loss, Mold Remediation or Asbestos Abatement projects.

asbestos testing

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing should be performed for all Water Losses, both Pre-Test and Post-Test

Air Quality PRE Testing

Unlike traditional testing methods that can take 7-10 days to get your results…….Using InstaScope Technology, testing provides you immediate and in Real-Time reporting to the indoor air quality of any property, including Mold presence. This testing is provided to you same day and can be utilized and analyzed to your advantage. It may provide other areas of the property that are affected by the WATER loss, which may need remediation. This is the opportunity for you complete additional cleanings (areas or rooms) for the customer and justify to the homeowner (Self-Pay) or the insurance company that the impact effected more than just the area affected by the water loss! This means, more potential revenue for you and your company.

Air Quality Post Testing

When you complete a WATER loss or even a Mold remediation project, it’s always a good idea to get a POST test for Clearance to ensure the customer, insurance or any other potential ramifications that your company may incur and get an ‘In the Clear’ after completing your services! It’s NOT a matter of IF, but when a restoration company may encounter a lawsuit; which puts blame on the restoration company. ETS provides you the testing results to PROVE, you mitigated and/or remediated per the IICRC standards; which were met and with INSTANT reporting! Furthermore, you can have Peace of Mind….knowing you are covered.

You are the go to company for your client with the the new school way of doing air quality tests. Your clients will value you as a resource for future projects by partnering with a company like Environmental Testing Solutions.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Benefits

Our Technicians​

Environmental specialist removing asbestos insulation from a side of a building.

Our technicians are IICRC certified (Water/S-500 and Mold/S-520), as well as Licensed by the state of Colorado (CDPHE) (Air Quality Control Commission Regulation No. 8, Part B) as a Certified Building Inspector. Our company is also a certified ‘Asbestos Consulting Firm’ with the state of Colorado (CDPHE).

You are the go to company for your client with the the new school way of doing air quality tests. Your clients will value you as a resource for future projects by partnering with a company like Environmental Testing Solutions.

Our Restoration Partners Follow State Laws & IICRC Standards

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